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"Looping to Infinity" Logo

*[NOTE: When I get the opportunity, I'll modify this post to upload the final logo from my computer.]

A bit of brainstorming for this blog's logo:

Doodled while brainstorming during a phone-call with the blog's owner, Steve Fowlkes, about what kind of logo he'd like to have.
We both like what's often called the 'retro-futuristic' aesthetic, and I wanted to combine that with Steve's interest in telephone tech/systems/history...

Pete dimenna 2015 04 22 5

The doodle at bottom eventually evolved into the finished logo.

Pete dimenna 2015 04 22 4

Preliminary (VERY preliminary) doodles of the logo's concept/color scheme.

Pete dimenna screenshot 2017 05 25 18 11 29 1

Screenshot of the finished logo on the website.