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Package-Cutout (Mockup): "Scrub Tabs"

This had to be from... 2007/2008 maybe...?

Long story short: took some "Advertising 101'-type class; professor made groups of us put together a mock-campaign for a fictional "toothpaste-in-a-pill" product. (Stupid, I know.)

This was the package I came up with; I printed/cut/folded/glued-together about a dozen or so packages on heavy photo-paper, for the class presentation. It was unanimously voted "Best Package" (even by the guys made their own packages for their groups, if you can believe it!), and every last box was snatched up before I could even keep one for myself, haha.

One'a these days, I really should print a few more out, fix 'em up nice, and snap a few photos, just for you crazy kids on this site...

Pete dimenna scrub tabs package cutout copy